We offer the most advanced treatments from all areas of dentistry in one place.

  • Patient monitoring and care

    We are very proud of the individual relationship with our patients, we only provide top performance according to their wishes. After the initial analysis, we also make a clinical examination with x-ray diagnosis and give our patients information about the procedure, possibilities and expectations.

    After finishing the therapy we carry out regular checks.

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  • For a more comfortable treatment without any fear

    Our medical team facilitates elaborate dental interventions and surgical interventions using sedation, wherein the patient is aware and able to communicate, but does not worry or feel unpleasant.

    The patient feels quite safe, without fear, and is supervised.

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  • The Implant Education Centre

    In our outpatient clinic we organise educational courses in different areas of dentistry, with a special emphasis on implantology.

    The lecturers at our courses are internationally recognized experts, like our dr. Damir Jelušić, a top Expert in the field of implant dentistry and periodontology.

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  • Only the best for our patients

    Experts from different areas are available for all of our patients. They depend on customer requirements and cooperate in the implementation of the therapy. In this way, each patient receives the best care.

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You can entrust us with the organisation – we will make sure that you have a very comfortable stay.
  • We will organize your visit and stay in Opatija

    We will organize everything so you would have a comfortable, efficient stay: the travel, accommodation and your arrival to our outpatient clinic. All you have to do is contact us, and we will take the first steps towards your new smile.